The following information will assist you if your property is at risk of flooding.  It will help you to both prepare for extreme weather events and offer guidance in an emergency if your property is about to flood.

The Local Resilience Forum (LRF) provides useful information on preparing for a flood and lists useful emergency contacts at the following link:  LRF

If your  property has flooded in the past or is at risk of flooding, protecting your property with Property Protection may help.  A Grant may be available to assist with the cost of this through Lincolnshire County Council:

Property flood resilience grant – Lincolnshire County Council

During extreme weather events, our priority is focussed on pumping and getting water levels down. We usually have pumping crews on 24 hours shifts and district operatives working to ensure watercourses are kept free of blockages, so that water can reach our two main pump stations.

We take a significant number of calls and emails during these events, and these are logged on our Incident Log in the office, with staff working on prioritising responses based on risk. We always appreciate your patience as we work through the events and enquiries that are being raised with us.  Please note we do not have pumps spare to issues to private individuals.

If you think your home is about to flood or you need emergency assistance, PLEASE CALL 999 for the emergency services.

If you experience internal flooding to your property, please contact Lincolnshire County Council via Report a flood – Lincolnshire County Council and they can investigate Flooding occurrences – for more information please visit: Flood Investigations. East Lindsey District Council’s website also contains lots of useful information on flooding and how to recover from a flood – please click here.

Please note that the East and West Fen Catchwaters are Main Rivers, maintained by the Environment Agency who can be contacted on 0345 988 1188 for any issues on these watercourses.

Unfortunately, during these extreme events we are unable to spare engineering staff to survey individual property issues until after the event subsides.

Thank You.


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